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Boat Amenities

"Latitude Adjustment" is Chicago's largest chartering catamaran. With a spacious cockpit design and roomy interior, she's the perfect choice for any occasion. The double-hull design means a smooth sailing experience for you and your guests. All cruises include captain, crew and full access to all on-board amenities (grill, salon, galley, cabins, etc.).

We want to make your time aboard as comfortable and easy as possible. With four cabins and two bathrooms, there is plenty of room to stow personal bags and items, change in private or take a nap! We also have cushions that can be used around the boat as either back rests or to sit on. We also have a variety of floats for you to enjoy: swim noodles, tubes and a floating pad.

38 Lagoon Layout
Galley Amenities

Whether you bring your own food and drinks, below is a list of what is included or available. A crew member or steward will be available and able to assist with anything listed below, as well as serve you and your guests.

  • Propane grill and stove, Frig, and large capacity Yeti Cooler for additional iced beverages

  • Cutlery, cutting boards, grill tools, serving trays, serving spoons and serving bowls

  • Pots and pans.

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