Bareboating (Rental) Information

Bareboating a vessel is the ultimate way to enjoy a warm and wonderful day on Lake Michigan with a large group of friends. Think of this as a picnic on the water so feel free to bring your favorite food and beverages—we even have a grill onboard for your convenience. And don't forget your swimsuit and towel if you'd like to take a dip!


If you have over 6 people, you must bareboat this vessel which means the vessel is yours for the agreed-upon timeslot. Not to worry, most of the cruises reviewed on YELP were done this way and they loved it! You may have up to 12  total on this vessel. If you have more, we have other options for groups up to 24. Contact us below. If you are not capable of skippering your vessel, you must hire a qualified operator. We can provide a list of qualified operators that you may contact. (click on Bareboat Agreement below.) If you are operating this vessel or have hired someone not on our list, we will need to see a sailing resume. Please call the office if you have any questions. After you purchase, make sure you sign your "Bareboat Agreement".

*Reservation times are subject to change based on availability.
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